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Space-Faring / News: Recent posts

New Release 0.0.8

After almost four years of inactivity the Space-Faring project has now relesed version 0.0.8 of the game. Improvements to the previous release include:

  • Visual ship hill designs
  • Additional game object infos on the galaxy map
  • Greatly improved opponent AI (explore, expand, attack)
  • Game save/load
  • Ship designer
  • Other minor improvements


Please be aware that the software requirements have changed for this Version. Java 8 (newest version) or higher is now required to run Space-Faring.

Posted by Astrometric 2014-09-09

Development Restarting

In light of the recent activity concerning feature requests, I plan on restarting development on Space-Faring. I'm not certain when I'll make a new release available, but maybe it'll be in a couple of weeks.

Posted by Astrometric 2014-08-01

New Release - Ver. 0.0.7 is up

Version 0.0.7 of the game is now available for JAR file download. The new features are:
- galaxy map background graphics
- starsystem background graphics
- smooth scrolling on galaxy map
- smooth zooming with mouse wheel on galaxy map
- improved taskforce selection and manipulation
- simple colony economics for building starships
- improved colony screen with more infos
- improved starship build queue in colony screen

Posted by Astrometric 2010-09-14

Release 0.0.6 is up

Version 0.0.6 is now available for JAR file download. The new features are:
- improved computer opponent AI
- improved control layout in some windows
- fuel ships production
- infos on individual ship components

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-30

Release 0.0.5

Version 0.0.5 of the game is now available for JAR file download. The new features are:
- improved computer opponent AI
- sensor ranges for opponent taskforce visibility
- range circle of selected taskforce on galaxy map

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-29

Release 0.0.4 with fuel and range

Version 0.0.4 of the game is now available for JAR file download. The new feature is starship range limitation.

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-26

Release 0.0.3 with first AI

The newest release (version 0.0.3) is now available and has the first implementation of an opponent AI. Game victory and defeat features have also been added. It's still a bit shabby, but way better than the last release ;-).

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-25

New Release Available

A new release (version 0.0.2) of the JAR file is now available for download. New features include taskforce and colony name colors for the player (blue) and the oppoenent (red).

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-24

First development build (JAR-File)

For all of you java experts out there who know how to run JAR files on your system, the first development build of Space-Faring is now availible for download :-)! Try it out! Some screen shots were added to the project as well.

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-24

Project Relaunched!

After a longer hiatus period, the Space-Faring project has now been relaunch to start a new development attempt. Things planed for the next few days:

- release of first development build
- revamped game design document

Posted by Astrometric 2010-08-23

Looking for Game Design Help

The strategy game project "Space-Faring" which has recently launched on is in need of an expert in the field of game design, most desirably someone with a background in the design of strategy games. We are looking for someone who can * help us with creating and reviewing the game design documents * work on the game design process * be a game design mentor for consultation and guidance * identify quality issues in game design. If You are interested in helping out in some or all of the ways mentioned above, please contact the project's administrator (email: astrometric[at]users[dot]sourceforge[dot]net) for further details on joining the project.

Posted by Astrometric 2009-03-13

Space-Faring Project Launch

Today the development project for "Space-Faring", a sci-fi space opera strategy game, launches on As an introduction to this project and to the ideas behind the game the following description - the official project registration description - summarizes the concept:

This is a turn-based game of space strategy. In the game the player is the leader of an empire of space-faring people. In charge of the economic, scientific, military and social aspects of the empire, the player chooses the fate of their empire in a galaxy filled with many dangers and wonders alike. Unlike other space strategy games, this one does not have star lanes, and the player can choose to send their starships nearly anywhere on the galaxy map. One of the goals in this game is to keep the empire alive.... read more

Posted by Astrometric 2009-03-03