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this is a suggested enhancement to sox.

i'd like to be able to provide, as a command line parameter, a file containing a file list to be operated on. for example, the command line syntax might be:

sox @book1ch2.lst chapter2.wav

where the file book1ch2.lst might contain:

it would be intended that this join together the five files specified, in the order specified.

i'm assuming sox doesn't already have a feature to do this that i've missed!!


>Comment By: robs (robs)
Date: 2009-02-16 17:11

Oops, should've thought of this earlier:
try renaming book1ch2.lst to book1ch2.m3u then
sox book1ch2.m3u chapter2.wav

Cool! We had it for a while now and didn't even realize it. :-)

Of course, it doesn't allow per-file options but the need for that is not anywhere near as common.