#165 Better directory support


A user asks for support for playing a directory, and for treating missing handlers as a warning, so that for example playing an album would ignore a JPEG album art file with just a warning. (Debian bugs #552305 and #552306.)


  • Jan Starý

    Jan Starý - 2013-02-02

    I don't think it is so'x job to traverse directories trying to figure out
    "what could I possibly play"? Can the user simply do 'play album/*3' or whatever?

  • Reuben Thomas

    Reuben Thomas - 2013-02-02

    I agree, that to handle directories is not SoX's job. Users should use a program like xdg-open that uses the right program to launch a given format; also it would be possible to use a filter that finds only audio files in a directory and open them one at a time. Perhaps it's worth saying this to 552306@bugs.debian.org.

    I'm unsure about the other bug (ignoring files for which SoX has no handler). Partly I think that is a useful quick-and-dirty way to use SoX; partly I agree with play foo/*.{mp3,ogg,wav,...} but then where does one stop with the list?

    How would it be to do as the user suggests and issue a warning rather than an error in this case? If you go:

    play foo.speex # unsupported format

    then you'd still get a message saying the format is unsupported, so that doesn't harm the user experience for that common case.


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