#164 play: interactive selection of output channels


In order to compare different equalizing or other processing, I'd like a variant of the play command:
play -M version1.wav version2.wav version3.wav orig.wav choose 1-2 -t "abc" 3-4 5-6 -t "The original file" 7-8
This would present a menu while playing (with entries "1-2", "abc", "5-6", "The original file") and allow the user to repeatedly switch between the channel sets (using the up/down keys, e.g.). The audio playback would change accordingly, without any interruption.

This feature could also be used for ABX tests (with a wrapper script that randomly selects X).

Syntactic idea: Leave out any argument, and it will present each channel as a different option, or (channel count even and greater than 2) each pair of channels for stereo.

This is somewhat related to feature request #1925026 (dynamic SoX effects).


  • Ulrich Klauer

    Ulrich Klauer - 2011-09-30

    Quick-and-dirty interactive comparison patch

  • Ulrich Klauer

    Ulrich Klauer - 2011-09-30

    So here's a simple patch against current git that allows comparing two stereo versions, switching between them during playback by pressing 'a'/'b'. Usage example:
    play --interactive -M "| sox stereo.wav -p gain +2" "| sox stereo.wav -p equalizer 3k 0.5o -4 gain +5"


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