Tree [a375c9] SN-NG1 /

File Date Author Commit
 config 2003-02-15 mdejong mdejong [5b673a] * config/acinclude.m4 (CYG_AC_LOAD_TCLCONFIG,
 db 2007-04-30 freequaos freequaos [49f74f] (BUGFIX) Fix undefined references to assert() w...
 itcl 2007-04-04 freequaos freequaos [d9d130] (INTERNAL) Remove Makefile and other configure ...
 libgui 2003-02-18 mdejong mdejong [1e3d7a] * src/tkWinPrintCanvas.c (PrintCanvasCmd):
 snavigator 2007-05-06 freequaos freequaos [20578d] (ENHANCE) Highlight grep pattern when using for...
 tcl 2007-04-19 freequaos freequaos [ef7556] (BUGFIX) Fix building tcl library on Win32
 tix 2004-10-16 mdejong mdejong [3c6c74] * unix/ Add DESTDIR fix identified
 tk 2004-03-16 mdejong mdejong [041dda] * win/tkWinMenu.c (ReconfigureWindowsMenu):
 CHANGELOG 2007-05-08 freequaos freequaos [5f0f5c] (INTERNAL) Update CHANGELOG with changes for NG1
 CONTRIBUTORS 2007-05-02 freequaos freequaos [f0b946] (INTERNAL) Add Bart van Rompaey to CONTRIBUTORS
 COPYING 2003-02-05 mdejong mdejong [6cdbca] * COPYING:
 MAINTAINERS 2007-05-02 freequaos freequaos [2f6341] (INTERNAL) Move snavigator/MAINTAINERS to root ... 2003-02-05 mdejong mdejong [6cdbca] * COPYING:
 SVN_CHANGELEVELS 2007-04-04 freequaos freequaos [3e29d2] (INTERNAL) Add docs about wanted toplevel svn c...
 TODO 2007-05-07 freequaos freequaos [ab48f3] (INTERNAL) update TODO file
 config.guess 2003-02-12 mdejong mdejong [d048a3] * config.guess:
 config.sub 2003-02-12 mdejong mdejong [d048a3] * config.guess:
 configure 2003-02-15 mdejong mdejong [7d8418] * configure: Regen. 2003-02-15 mdejong mdejong [7d8418] * configure: Regen.
 install-sh 2003-02-05 mdejong mdejong [6cdbca] * COPYING:
 missing 2003-02-07 mdejong mdejong [327ee5] * missing:
 mkinstalldirs 2003-02-07 mdejong mdejong [327ee5] * missing:

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