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[r6] (HEAD) by UFO-Pu55y

-fix: unicode functionality broken in N++
-fix: CTags: regex handling is broken for some languages (PHP,..)
-new: option "Go to definition by pressing ctrl + left mousebutton"
-new: option "Max. number of symbols to show" (It's recommended to limit the count of
symbols which are shown as nodes in the treeview, in order to prevent a hanging N++
when for instance source files with several thousand symbols are analyzed.
When in cookie session mode, then such files are automatically loaded into the
INCLUDES folder. In the other modes the symbols of such files aren't loaded at all.)
-new: option "Show plus minus controls (for source nodes)"
-fix: CTags: lots of fixes in the CParser (C, C++, C#, Java,..)
-fix: allow loading of session files created by older versions
-fix: in N++ session mode: file nodes vanishing when moving a file from one N++ view to another
-IMPORTANT: the plugin will be C#-only from now on, thus no more use of C++ loader/wrapper DLLs.
advantage: much faster startup time. disadvantage: no more warning message about
missing .NET runtime (unknown plugin loading error instead).
-IMPORTANT: sorry, but again .c00k!e session files of previous versions are invalid for this new version!
-new: CTags: update sources (fixes for C and OCaml + support for Objective-C)
-new: CTags: add support for CSS (ctags patch by Iago Rubio)
-new: CTags: add support for INFORMIX 4GL (ctags extension by Tim Kim)
-new: add regex rules for Autohotkey (AHK) (thanks to vixay)
-new: "Import" and "Export" settings of one or more languages (in language settings dialog)
-new: treenode contextmenu items: "Collapse all", "Expand all"
-new: new option "Size limit of analyzed INCLUDES"
-new: new option "Session file extension" (default = "c00k!e")
-new: new option "Use relative paths in session file"
-new: new option "Handle CTags warnings as errors" (helpful when trying out new regex entries)
-new: new option "Show plus minus controls (for tag nodes)"
-new: show tooltips in options dialog
-new: buttons "Select All" and "Select None" in import dialog (after drag&drop of multiple extension types)
-new: provide auto restore of corrupted language settings file
-new: support message+filepath from other plugins in order to add files to a session
-fix: CTags: PythonParser: wrong parent nesting in PythonParser
-fix: CTags: PythonParser: enable function arguments
-fix: CTags: C#Parser: fully disable local variables tag to avoid false tags
-fix: context menu not shown when tag type node is selected (in grouped view)
-fix: in Cookie session mode: unexpected N++ behavior when SourceCookifier panel titel is longer than 32 chars
-fix: in N++ session mode: sourcelist doesn't get updated when treeview is invisible
-fix: when plugin's startup mode is 'hide', then the plugin might show up only after 2nd try
-fix: exceptions/deadlocks when switching view mode, sorting, etc. with multiple source nodes in treeview
-fix: wrong node nesting in class view mode
-fix: when searching (search textbox) in class view mode, then not all nodes are expanded
-fix: characters ' ' (space) and '!' are not allowed in regex expressions
-fix: exception on "Go To Definition" when using "Includes" files
-fix: exception when opening contextmenu on 'unsupported source type' nodes

2012-09-27 19:37:03 Tree
[r5] by UFO-Pu55y

-new: CTRL+C copies currently selected treeview item (tag name) to clipboard
-fix: parsing of source files with UTF-16 format and windows-like EOL (CR + LF)
-fix: prevent CTags from unintentionally finding config files in the PATH and using them
(may lead to unexpected behavior)
-fix: exceptions when adding/changing source node files when both the treeview contains
'invalid' source nodes and the search filter is in use
-fix: editor didn't get focused when mouse middle button clicking on treeview items
-changed: removed option "Use 'tags' file instead of StandardOut" - now always reading from tags file.
Using StandardOut was even slower anyway due to CTags always writing into a temp tags file.
Also the location of the tags file changed to the plugins config folder.
-IMPORTANT: sorry, but .c00k!e session files of previous versions might be invalid for this new version !
-new: CLASS VIEW (single file scope) for object oriented languages.
(Multiple file scoped view is still in progress, but it might never get finished, since it seems
undoable at the moment)
-new: [display] return type of functions
(as new extended field type. merged from ctags mods of Anjuta DevStudio sources.
at the moment only works for C-like languages (C/C++/C#/Java) out of the box)
-new: [settings] "Semantics: Case sensitive" -> now you can define a language as case insensitive
to make the "Go To Definition" work correctly for languages like BASIC
-new: [settings/display] "Semantics: Scope operator" -> now you can define the separating char(s)
in scope names for each language ('::' for C++, '.' for C#, ...)
-new: [settings/contextmenu] "Display (extended)" -> define for each language if to directly
show also extended fields (Access/Returntype/Scope/Signature) in node text
-new: [button] "Clear search filter"
-new: [options] filesize limit (e.g. 200kb or 5mb)
-new: [options] show toolbar menu at bottom
-new: [options] flowing menu buttons (no hidden overflow)
-new: [options] Startup show mode (force show/hide of sourcecookifier at startup of notepad++)
-new: [options] Startup session mode
-new: don't search at once when typing search word in uppercase (start search with 'enter')
-new: highlight 'Accept changes' buttons in settings dialog (how many times did I forget myself to hit 'em!)
-new: additionally show session mode via background color of toolbar
-new: remember selections in language settings dialog on close
-new: customization of REXX rules (as noticed on
-new: asm rules extended for FASM syntax
-new: open source nodes with middle mouse button click
-new: toolstripseparator for contextmenu (current file|others)
-fix: also save changed options when sourcecookifier window wasn't visible (initialized)
-fix: don't move treeview selection (twice) after doubleclick/return on any node
-fix: merged recent updates from original ctags sources
-fix: continue following cursor by treeview selection also when using search filter
-fix: don't restore+hide hidden sourcecookfier window when using 'Go To Definition' shortcut
-fix: watch N++'s 'Save as' actions in 'single file' and 'N++ session' mode (change/add filenames in treeview)
-fix: don't re-add currently search filtered (hidden) source nodes when saved in n++ editor
-changed: don't clear search filter when tags get updated
-changed: improved PHP class method rules (access + signature)
-changed: rule for .INI (added .REG)
-changed: resorted toolbar layout

2011-03-26 23:48:27 Tree
[r4] by ufo-pu55y

fix OEL handling (WIN/UNIX/MAC) (still v0.5.4)

2010-09-18 19:52:12 Tree
[r3] by ufo-pu55y

[RELEASE] v0.5.4
-new: 2 batch files for adding/removing a .NET policy for the plugin on the current machine -
this policy is required when starting N++ on a network location and using sourcecookifier!
-new: enable (in CTAGS) 'Mac OS 9' form for source code parser (EOL = CR)
-fix: bring import dialog to top
-fix: crash when tab window is initialized in 'N++ session mode'
-fix: sources in treeview don't get added/removed when tab window is in 'N++ session mode' but hidden
-changed: disable treeview ui while importing sources (speedup)
-changed: scope-name-delimiter now '.' instead of '::'
-changed: show invalid sources by default

2010-09-18 17:01:51 Tree
[r2] by ufo-pu55y

-show invalid sources by default
-added license files

2010-05-24 17:21:37 Tree
[r1] by ufo-pu55y

Initial: v0.5.3

2010-05-23 22:00:42 Tree

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