No color on win 7 x64?

  • Robertonisola

    Robertonisola - 2012-07-20

    Hi friends,

    I often use Notepad++ and SourceCookifier to edit *.c source files. I installed SourceCookifier on 2 computers: one at my office (running win 7 x86) and the other at my home (running win 7 x64).

    The strange thing is SourceCookifier at my office's PC has color, which makes its easier to navigate through the functions in my file, but the same version running at my home's PC doesn't have any color.

    I have created a virtual machine using VMware on my home's PC. The virtual machine runs win 7 x86. I installed notepad++ and SourceCookifier on the virtual machine and it has color too. So I guess the problem might be resulted from the incompatibility between SourceCookifier and win 7 x64.

    If possible please show me some advices to solve this problem.

    Thank you very much.

  • UFO

    UFO - 2012-07-20

    I guess you mean the color of the text?
    For SourceCookifier there's definitely no difference between a x64 and a x86 system.
    You probably have an old, damaged or customized definition file on your machine at home.
    Simply find and delete the "SourceCookifier.languages.xml" once, while N++ is closed.
    Next time it will then take the default definitions from "SourceCookifier.languages.model.xml" again.

  • Robertonisola

    Robertonisola - 2012-07-20

    Hi ufo-pu55y,

    deleting the file solved my problem. Thank you very much :)


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