Error Starting Notepad++

  • kamskyleo

    kamskyleo - 2011-11-16

    This error happened on A Winxp with notepad++ v5.9.5 unicode with Sourcecookifier v0.6.1.0


    Owing to unfortunate circumstances an error with the following message occured:

    "There is an error in XML document (4514, 33)."

    Hence a logfile has been written to the SourceCookifier folder.
    Please post its content in the forum, if you think it's worth being fixed.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • UFO

    UFO - 2011-12-06

    This has already been asked by several people. Delete the "SourceCookifier.languages.xml" in the plugins' config folder when Notepad++ does NOT run. Then run Notepad++ again. The next version of SourceCookifier will auto-restore that file once it's damaged. Dunno why that happens for some people..


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