Custom Language Documentation and Process

  • DrK

    DrK - 2012-10-10

    I use this plugin all the time. It is great.

    However, I want to add a Custom Language for SAS but I can't find any documentation on how to do this (OK I know the panel is there but what to enter where and why is another matter).  Is there a Help document explaining all this?

    I have downloaded the NotePad++ User Language XML for SAS from

    Is there any way to convert this to what SourceCookifier needs?  It would make it much much simpler if the NotePad++ user language definition could be input to a process that spits out the required SourceCookifier equivalent file.

    Thanks again for a gret plugin.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2012-10-10

    Just noticed that the definition I downloaded didn't get it right.  I have corrected it and will upload it.

  • DrK

    DrK - 2012-10-10

    Sorry - not a Bug Report/Support Request or Feature Request and so can't upload it. :-(

    The issue with the one I downloaded was the definition of comments.  I added start with '*' and end with '*;'

  • UFO

    UFO - 2012-10-10

    In the end SourceCookifier is just a front end for another software (CTags).
    The rules (xml files) for N++'s custom languages are in no way suitable
    for CTags's parsing engine. To make your language work with SourceCookifer
    you would need to get familiar with GNU RegEx. Also there actually is a small piece
    of documentation: Plugins > SourceCookifier > Help & About..

  • DrK

    DrK - 2012-10-17

    Many thanks.

    Would you like to add a new function to SourceCookifier to read in the N++ Custom Language file and generate the appropriate custom language file that could be imported by SourceCookifier?



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