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How to ensure the image is of good quality

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-08-14


    I'm currently using a commercial product and before template extraction I
    create a proprietary Image of the scanned finger.

    This Image object gives me a rating of the scan, if below a certain threshold
    I'm able to ask the user to rescan.

    Is this handled by SourceAFIS, or how is this scenario dealt with?

    I'm concerned particularly about the fingerprint enrolment stage, I suppose
    for verification especially 1 to 1 I can accept any quality and either match
    or reject, but for enrolment I want to be sure I have good quality images.

  • Robert Važan

    Robert Važan - 2012-10-24


    I am probably late with the answer, but perhaps others reading this topic might wish to know. SourceAFIS has no built-in image quality measure. You can use the free NBIS NFIQ algorithm to evaluate fingerprint quality. You can also perform template extraction using SourceAFIS and retrieve the number of minutiae in the template as a rough measure of quality. Yet another option is to just count pixels above some threshold in the image.

    Kind Regards,

  • OscarM

    OscarM - 2012-10-26

    As I suggested in another threat, NBIS NFIQ Algorithm for Quality assesment can be easily integrated with SourceAfis using the .NET implementation provided by nist:


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