Fingerprint Analysis

  • Arturo Fernandez Barrio

    Hi Robert,

    Very impressive work. You put a lot of knowledge into this project.

    I installed SourceAFIS.msi and I see it deploys the Sample solution in source code. But the UI is console. I used the FingerprintAnalysis.exe and I was very impressed on how rich it is in functionality. Is it available in source code as well? If not, is there another sample source code in Windows Form that I can use to get started?

    Many thanks,


  • Robert Važan

    Robert Važan - 2012-12-04

    Hi Arturo,

    Fingerprint Analysis is a WPF app. Source code of everything in SourceAFIS can be downloaded here from SourceForge. See the Code tab. The sample is a console app in order to keep it simple. The API is used the same way in WinForms/WPF apps (except perhaps image loading, which is different for WinForms and WPF).

    Kind Regards,


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