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News on Facebook

From now on, news about SoundHelix will be published on the SoundHelix Facebook page only. Please go to to see them (and don't forget to click on "I like"). All Facebook posts will also be posted to Twitter

Posted by Thomas Schürger 2012-09-21

SoundHelix on Twitter

Follow SoundHelix on Twitter:

Posted by Thomas Schürger 2010-11-08

SoundHelix 0.0.2 available

New SoundHelix build (version 0.0.2) is available!

Posted by Thomas Schürger 2010-11-08

SoundHelix examples on YouTube

I have uploaded some SoundHelix examples to YouTube. Just search for "SoundHelix" to find them there.

Posted by Thomas Schürger 2009-09-06

Java developers wanted

I'm looking for Java developers to join this project. Music and/or MIDI experience is a plus, XML and/or documentation skills would be fine.

Posted by Thomas Schürger 2009-09-04