Soprano 2.9.0 is the latest major release of the Qt RDF storage and parsing framework. It is targetted towards KDE 4.10 users and comes with a bunch of improvements over the 2.8 series:

* Better error handling on the Client::LocalSocketClient
* New DataStream class which shares code between the server and client * New boolean option "emptyGraphs" in the Virtuoso backend, which can enable/disable checks for empty graphs
* New boolean option "fakeBooleans" in the virtuoso backend, which can enable/disable fake boolean support
* Client and Server code optimizations

Grab the source from and build your packages.

Soprano (formerly known as QRDF) is a library which provides a highly
usable object-oriented C++/Qt4 framework for RDF data. It uses different
RDF storage solutions as backends through a simple plugin system.
Soprano is targetted at desktop applications.

Vishesh Handa