SVN Folder Structure Changed

We changed the SVN folder structure because some projects share the same codebase. Therefore now 'DependencyPacks' exist.

Each projectfolder has a 'Dependency' directory where all external libraries should be placed. This way the project files link to the right places and the projects can be recompiled without any changes or additional configuration.

But those 'Dependency' folders are empty by default. This is where the DependencyPacks come into the game.

Please download those DependencyPacks as extra zipped packages and place the contents into the project folders 'Dependencies' sub directory.

There is currently a 'DependencyPack1' folder inside the trunk in SVN repository. DependencyPacks will be reeased as zipped files in the future (as far there no modifications to these libraries are made).

We want to prevent unneccessary code blowing this way.

Posted by Jason Webs 2008-03-17

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