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The Firts Release Is Up

Well we uploaded the first release of Sonar GNU/Linux. The first upload had some bad images but we uploaded new ones and haven't had any problems. We would like to thank every one that has downloaded and given us feedback. We hope to have newer images up in the next couple of days with better branding and including both desktops on 1 disk. We have figured out a way to make the login screen accessible with Orca. This will allow a blind and low vision user to choose their own desktop. So there will be no need to create different iso's with the different desktops. Stay tuned for more news and thanks for downloading.

Posted by Jonathan Nadeau 2012-08-29

Welcome to the Sonar Project.

Sonar is a GNU/Linux distrobution based off of Ubuntu. This project's goals are to be as accessible as possible. Sonar can also be used by people that don't depend on accessibility and they can just turn it off and use it like any other distro. This is a young project and we will be putting up some test images soon for people to try out. With these releases there will be no custom themes or icons. We just wanted to get out the images for people to test. The images that are released should be finalized as far as functionality goes. But with later releases we will have custom icons and themes. We are looking for any help even if you don't know much about accessibility, but do know how to make custom changes to Ubuntu please get a hold of us. Or if you can design themes or icons and or a logo let us know. We will be releasing images of the gnome-shell desktop in 32 and 64 bit. Along with the gnome-classic mode with no effects also in 32 or 64 bit.

Posted by Jonathan Nadeau 2012-08-17