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Fixed screen sizing
Fixed sound issue within JRE 1.7
Fixed disabled development card colour in JRE 1.7

Posted by Steven De Toni 2013-03-20

Windows 7 update

I've just updated Catan so it will work fine in Windows 7 without it being flickery etc

Posted by Steven De Toni 2012-07-03

Ignore Release 1.9.5, Download 1.9.6

If you have downloaded release 1.9.5, then please download 1.9.6. The 1.9.5 release still had debug settings present which gave alot of wood/brick to the first player in the game. This has been removed in 1.9.6 release, sorry for any inconvenience.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2008-11-21

Version 1.9

Added mixed AI modes for hueristics and high score based tile selection and game play.

Optmised AI system use 2 of the best building priorities methods.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2008-08-18

Version 1.73 (AI Sweet Spot Hit)

* AI Tweek. I've finally managed to find the sweet spot with AI hueristics. The end result is a VERY competitive play on Normal setting. This was achived through ALOT of game play and tweeking. In the end the actual intial game calculating settlement build points turned out to be relatively simple.

N.B. The very start of the game (placement of settlements) is the very crucial part of the game. Get wrong here, and its very hard to recover.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2008-05-29

Version 1.72 Release

* Reduced road number from 20 to 15
(oops, thats how many there are in the real board game)

* Fixed trade and play option for computer players when a human player sells resource.

* Minor AI tweeks. Mainly to do with initial placement of settlements. This is the most critical part of the game. Also reduced AI start longest road building from 6 vic points to start from 4 vic points.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2008-05-28

Version 1.618 Release

Version 1.618 fixes the following things.

* Many minor bugs fixed.

* Added 6 player Catan games, including out-of-turn building and larger game board.

* Added variant tile, Volcano. It offers riches, but at the likelyhood that your settlement/city can be destroyed.

* Tuned AI even more to be more competitive in Normal mode.

* Optimised JRE 1.6 implementation, its now quite playable.

Posted by Steven De Toni 2008-05-13

Version 1.0 Release

*** Version 1.0 Released with the following fixes ***

* Fixed building roads out to sea... OPPS!

* Changed multi-human play to single human play as trading
between humans is no implmented anyway.

* Tuned AI code some-what so that port-trading is possible at the very start of an AI's turn. This allows for better selection of building options and a better game performance.

* Added highlight assistance to show valid build spots on the game board, very handy for beginner players.... read more

Posted by Steven De Toni 2008-05-02

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