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Integra desktop search engine / News: Recent posts

FAIND full text search engine v.3.3

Faind is a multilingual fulltext search engine, indexer and CD cataloguer for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. Both GUI (bulldozer) and CLI (faind) utilities are available. The search engine is equipped with build-in high-performance indexer which creates very compact index databases for CD, local files and network resources.

The language packages are released separately. You can select and install one of the four dictionaries: English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2007-07-15

FAIND desktop search engine v. 3.2 release

The list of main changes:

1. Console utilities are compiled for Windows, Linux and FreeBSD. WIndows version are compiled by MS VisualStudio 2003, Linux and FreeBSD versions are compiled by gcc+make.

2. Commands '-locate keywords' and '-whereis filename' are implemented.

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2007-06-23

FAIND text search engine v.3 release 0

The main feature of this release is multithreading support in engine.

The release conists of:
1. FAIND console text searcher & indexer installer for Windows 9x/NT and RPM for Linux;
2. Dictionaries for Russian, English, French, Spanish languages;
3. SDK package, including source codes of dictionaries, dictionary compiler, search engine and grammar engine DLLs and sample programs;
4. C++ source codes;
5. Bulldozer GUI text search tool & CD cataloguer, powered by wxWidgets (extremely unstable for the moment).

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2007-05-10

FAIND desktop search engine 0.90 released

This release add new features:

- built-in local area network scanner (Windows hosts, FTP and HTTP servers)
- OpenOffice documents format (SXW) is now recognized by search engine
- MS Word files reader (OLE2 WinAPI is used)
- Russian letters are now correctly accepted in PDF
- Indexer and cataloguer improvements

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2006-04-07

Search engine release 0.82

- Extended support for Unicode
- Larger dictionary
- Improved indexer
- Source codes refactoring - STL containers are used

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2005-12-09

SOLARIX full text search engine release 0.80

This release includes:

- Improved indexer (fast, compact and flexible)
- Improved morphology (extended lexicon for Russian and English, experimental support for French)
- Fuzzy search
- Document translation (Russian, English and French - experimental feature)
- Win32 DLL API with sample program (for embedded search engines)
- Windows.NET assembly with a sample program (search engine component for .NET platform)... read more

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2005-09-12

New release 0.75.76 of FAIND text search console tool

This release fixes the bugs found in previous upload (0.75). New features in release 0.75:

1. MS Word documents search
2. Retrieval the text from binary files with unknown format
3. CHM archive processing (Compressed HTML)
4. New options to control the cache of downloaded and uncompressed files
5. Indexing the files for quick search (no external SQL database is required)
6. New options to control the index
7. New HTML format of search result page
8. Metaoptions to search in 'My computer', 'My documents', 'Network neighbourhood'
9. English lexicon is expanded (up to 4000 nouns)
10. The option -size is fixed and tested
11. Lot of bug fixes

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2005-07-03

FAIND text search engine 0.60 release

This release of text search engine FAIND has several improvements:
1. English grammar has been added to dictionary (more than 1000 entries in this release).
2. Installer/Uninstaller for easy installation of the utility.
3. Some bugs have been fixed. Now FAIND is tested to run properly under MS Win98, XP, 2003.
4. Search results can now be formatted as HTML page loadable by any web browser.

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2005-03-09

Solarix Intellectronix 0.50 Released

Solarix Intellectronix Project has released new version 0.50 of text search tools, including end-user console utility FAIND for MS Windows and .NET component faind.dll for software developers.
New release includes support for most of popular archives (ZIP, RAR, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, ARJ), extended features to prepare search results in different formats (plain utf-8 text, HTML, XML and SQL scripts), autodetection of Russian codepages 866, 1251, KOI8 in text files, extended regular expression handling. Search engine provides special support for Russian language grammar (extended support for English language will be implemented in the next release). ... read more

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2005-02-14

Project files release 0.50 plans

Current release 0.40 of project files (source codes and binaries) are available at project home page
New release 0.50 will be available soon (it is scheduled to be uploaded 10.02.2005). It contains some important improvements - ZIP archives handling, local site copy search application, optimized full-scale search engine .NET component, and some other changes.

Posted by Koziev Elijah 2005-02-08