Solarex v0.40 is out!

Changes in 0.40 since 0.39b

- Better hyperjump effect display
- Navigation panel automatically centers view on selected space bodies
- Improved some portrait backgrounds
- Galactic map shows max. jump drive range
- Redesigned galactic map panel
- Redesigned navigation map panel
- Ship speed is now always zero after hyperjump
- Ship destination is now reset after hyperjump

Changes in 0.39b

- Stardrive and jumpdrive timing fixed

Changes in 0.39a

- Stardrive and stardrive effect
The stardrive is a fast interplanetary drive.

Changes in 0.39 since 0.38

- Added brown dwarfs
- Brown dwarfs, neutron stars and black holes can be part of a multi star system now
- Neutron stars and black holes occasionally will have planets
- Blue giant stars now have more planets in average
- First "complete" newspaper code - buy the Secret Eye!
- Sports league simulation for newspaper
- Some stellar system generation finetuning

Posted by Hajo 2013-01-02

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