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Site moves from Sourceforge to a more competant webhost

ok, seriously, I like SourceForge, really I do.....

but the fact is, as a webhost, they really suck, sometimes I refresh the page, to get errors, blank pages, no css styles on some, awful response times, etc, etc. You name it, I can say it I reckon.

You can't write to the /tmp/persistent directory either, so you could do some caching of RSS feeds, which my sites make extensive use of to interlink themselves, things are just _HARDER_ with sourceforge as a webhost.... read more

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-11-11

Site gains dynamic feeds

Hey guys! (and gals)

ok, the site now takes sourceforge feeds and turns them into page content, the benefit of this is the new page never needs manually updating, just post a news story here, it'll appear in the website with little or no fuss.

RSS feeds are great, I hope they prove to be as useful as they seem to be

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-10-26

New website goes live!

Hi there! Today a new website for solarcell went live! it's been a long time coming and I hope it is built to serve the next few years, cause there maybe little change in that time!!!

it's all clean and cool, same design, different backend, which is the way a lot of things are nowadays.

I hope you enjoy it!

Posted by Chris Thomas 2005-10-26