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Solar Empire: System Wars progress

A large amount of progress has been made since the last release of System Wars around 9 months ago.

Players can successfully register, login, join a game and move around the star map.

Administrators can edit game variables, change settings and generate a number of different Universes using the new modular Universe generator.

We are looking for developers to speed up the development of System Wars. Please contact the project administrator or post a forum message for more information.

Posted by Michael Clark 2007-03-09

Purely SE 3.07 released

10.5 months after it's last release PSE has released 3.07, a simple bug fix release to make it the most stable Solar Empire release to date (hopefully :-) .
Also includes improved install.txt.

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2006-09-29

Solar Empire: System Wars 0.9.12

System Wars 0.9.12 is the latest version of Solar Empire, a multiplayer browser-based strategy game.

Solar Empire is a highly competitive, web based, space combat game. Master the arts of colonisation and exploration while playing a noble but precarious game of warfare to ensure survival.

The latest release fixes a number of issues and adds new features.

Twenty-five files have changed since the last release -- some of which have been almost re-written. One major change is the message and forum management: messages can be sent by the game-system without an associated user_id for
attack messages -- another addition in this version -- with the name specified in the code.... read more

Posted by Michael Clark 2006-03-28

Solar Empire: System Wars 0.9.11

System Wars 0.9.11 is the latest iteration of the Solar Empire codebase.

The main changes since 0.9.10 include new functions to provide a more logical interface, especially when manipulating star-systems and ships; some files have been renamed to increase conformity; as usual various bugs and code problems have been solved.

Death checks are processed coherently in the shops to prevent exploitation: buying upgrades or such when the player has not got a ship.... read more

Posted by Michael Clark 2006-03-14

Solar Empire: System Wars 0.9.10

Solar Empire is a public domain/GPL browser-based strategy game (BBS). Users control fleets, planets and equipment to conquer the galaxy. Almost limitless variation given by advanced customisation options.

A lot of problems have been fixed in this release: the first stable version should be available soon.

Updated the SQL schemas: auto_increment has been removed from all fields; many integer fields are now unsigned; specified lengths have been removed from integer field definitions since the default is better.
Edited all the INSERT queries manually to find a new id using the generic newId(table, field) function. Hopefully the database structure will remain constant over the next few releases.... read more

Posted by Michael Clark 2006-02-20

Solar Empire: System Wars 0.9.9

Solar Empire is a public domain/GPL browser-based strategy game (BBS). Users control fleets, planets and equipment to conquer the galaxy. Almost limitless variation given by advanced customisation options.

After many hours of development, I am proud to release System Wars 0.9.9 -- the most stable and good looking release so far.

Changes since
- Improved login form and CSS upgrades
- PHP-based installer and game creation form (simple for now)
- Stripped SQL schema files
- Updated readme
- Lots of minor XHTML upgrades
- Updated abstraction library... read more

Posted by Michael Clark 2006-01-25

Solar Empire: System Wars 0.9.8

This distribution is now licensed under the AGPL.

Lots of new files including:
- installation instructions
- thousands of actual star-names
- CSS images

Improved CSS styling including shaded buttons and text-input.

New mining code to share resources fairly and equally throughout ships in a system.

TODO: recursive towing when a ship moves system.

Posted by Michael Clark 2005-12-28

Image Pack 1.2.1 Released!

Images corresponding to the 0.9.6 Generic Solar Empire release.
Renamed ship images to correspond to their appearance. Removed unused images.

Posted by Lex Luthor 2005-11-21

Generic 2 Build 0.9.6 Released!

Still working towards a playable version. The only items left to address are
special and planet attacks. Once this is done, bug-fixes will become
top priority.

This version is now licensed under the Creative Commons
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
Totally new attack script.

Ships now have hull points.... read more

Posted by Lex Luthor 2005-11-21

Image Pack 1.2 Released!

Weve removed all the large ship images because they are pointless and take up a huge amount of space. The small ship images were also replaced with brand new renders. Only 1 ship was pulled from Image Pack 1.0 and placed in Image Pack 1.2

Some great new equipment images along with new map and star system images to improve the game's interface, especially within the equipment shop. Equipment includes alpha/gamma/delta bomb images (explosions), genesis device, fighters and shields.... read more

Posted by Lex Luthor 2005-11-12

Generic 2.9.5 (updated)

A mere 10 minutes after Generic 2.9.5 was released, wiz kid Mjac decided to fix several more bugs. A new revision number was not created; instead the files for 2.9.5 were replaced with the updated versions. If you downloaded 2.9.5 we strongly recommended that you re-download 2.9.5 to insure that you have the latest code build.

Posted by Lex Luthor 2005-11-12

Generic 2.9.5 Released!

Maintenances have now been replaced by service.php which runs separate parts of the original maintenances at different intervals. This must be run every two minutes or so for the best results. Turns can be set to increase every minute providing more action for the player.

Images are now used on the universe generator and the mini-map can now be used to navigate the galaxy. Transparent PNG images are used over star-links to great effect.... read more

Posted by Lex Luthor 2005-11-12

2.2.1, released.

In the spirit of "release early, release often", another release of generic SE.
This one contains a re-written login system with security as it's basis. Should be rather more secure than the previous version.

Also in this release are a few bug fixes and minor tweaks.

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2004-04-25

New release - 2.2 available

Generic Solar Empire version 2.2 has been released after almost 1 year's worth of hiatus.
The new release incorporates:
A second generation attack script;
An Admin forum;
in-game Bug tracker;
ship editor;
A lot of new server-admin functions;

and a lot more! check out the changelog for details.

Hopefully this is the begining of a new spate of releases.

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2004-04-19

Solar Empire 2.1.1 Release

Version 2.1.1 of the Generic strain of Solar Empire has now been released.

This version incorporates numerous changes and improvements, amoungst which, a new improved, and unified universe generator can be found.

Solar Empire is an online browser based strategy game that allows players to pit their wits against each other in a space simulated environment.

A list of working SE servers can be found at:

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2003-06-21

First release of Quantum Star SE

I have released the first easily accessable open source version of Quantum Star SE courtesy of Maugrim the Reaper.
This version of SE includes numerous refinements and bug fixes over version 2.0.2 which it is based upon.
It does not include the image set, but this set has now been released as a seperate package (as its a full 1MB), which will work with either Generic SE or Quantum Star SE.
Version 2.0.2 is now also available in a "small" vesion that does not include images either.... read more

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2003-02-01

New version

About a week ago version 2.0.1 of Solar Empire was released. This version incorporated many bug fixes as well as numerous improvements such as black-markets, player relations, and a new planet overview page amoung other things.

By my (rather dodgy) maths the games administrators now have about:
1.12068900421632 + e202 different game setups to choose from.
Thats got 202 "0"'s on the end of it!!!!
So the game is definatly open to a lot of variation (mind most of those games would be the same, but even changing the important vars could create many thousands of different games and play styles!).... read more

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2002-07-12

New version

I am now releasing a newer version of SE. Version 1.2.
This contains only a few basic improvements over 1.1, as well as the obligitary bug fixes.

This release does not contain any recent code as its purpose is simply to give players a functional copy of the code.

A new version will be coming out shortly which will incorporate black markets, clan inforation, etc etc.

Until then, enjoy this version.


Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2002-06-17

New License

As the original copyright holder of Solar Empire, I do hereby relicense Solar Empire and all it's releases as Public Domain software.

It is now free for use, public or private, without any restrictions.

My reason for doing this is that I now feel that the GPL license stifles development, due to it's viral nature.

Freedom for all. Vote Libertarian.

Posted by Bryan Livingston 2002-05-01

New Release v1.004 available now

At long last another release of Solar Empire. This one fixes a number of bugs, and incorporates all changes that were made for version 1.003, which was never officially released.

The main changes include lots of bug squelching, but it also incorporates lots of new user options, and admin options, ranging from universe manipulation, down to choosing the tow method used to tow a players ships.

This release should be just a popular as 1.002 was, and will probably be the last one for a couple of months.... read more

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2001-12-20

Bryan Officially Retires

I started this project quite some time ago, when my life was very different. Since then, I've become a father and my business has fallen apart like many dot coms and I've had to get a day job.

I havn't had time to work on SE forever and haven't taken good care of this community since the early days of building the game. I appologize for that.

When I first started this project banner ads were worth something and I hoped to make enough money off of them to have a commercial game and even hired a programmer at one time. After it became clear that that wasn't going to happen I open sourced everything so that the project wouldn't die on my hard drive. I havn't been able to spend as much time as I had hoped on the project and with delays from sourceforge on a variety of issues I ran out of steam and intrest in the project.... read more

Posted by Bryan Livingston 2001-07-06

Solar Empire 2

Solar Empire 2 is currently in planning. Many people do not like the way Solar Empire has gone and think it could be much better. The new game will be written from scratch due to the bugginess and crap in the current game. This will be a seperate game and the development of Solar Empire should be continued normally and I will continue working on it when SE2 is doneish. Anyone interested in helping with SE2 in any way, from programming to recommending stuff(moriarty need not apply, sorry, but your views are too different from everyone elses) psot on the Developer Request forum

Posted by Chris 2001-07-04

Updated and Improved in less than a week

version 1.001 is already out of date and 1.002 has superseeded it. This will most likely be my last release for a few months as i'm not available to break SE over the summer.

Anyhow this release allows for hosting of the game on a computer that doesn't have the mysql server on it (such as sourceforge), as well as some important bug fixes, and a dynamic pricing system for fuel and metal.

Also, i actually found a program on this here computer that lets me play with the stuff on our sf account without knowing how to use ssh/ssc ... basically should be up soon, or it would be today if the peeps at replied to my support request the same day.... read more

Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2001-06-01

Version 1.001

I have taken it upon myself to release another version of the code this time with the number 1.001, which basically means the initial carnation of SE is now complete (i.e. all the basics are in place).

No sign of coming up any time soon. Am still waiting on Bryan for that one.

And CVS hasn't been updated for a while. Primarily because it doesn't seen to be working for me any more.


Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2001-05-21

Well it seems is staying down to a while longer, primarily because i have no idea how to mess with DB's at sourceforge.

Anyhow 009 has been released, though it could well have been 0.1.0 considering the vast improvements made. This one has many, many bug fixes, and has been converted from .php3 to plain .php.


Posted by Jonathan "Moriarty" 2001-03-14

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