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etherdrivers integration into OpenSolaris

For folks that have been wondering, I have been in discussion (numerous times over the years) with folks at Sun about integrating afe/mxfe into OpenSolaris.

This time it looks like it really is going to happen. The afe driver at least has passed its initial major hurdle thru the Sun prcesses (the Open Source Review), and is being shepherded thru the process at Sun.

Once afe becomes part of OpenSolaris, I will probably start maintaining the integrated version to add some OpenSolaris/Solaris 11 specific features, including nemo/GLDv3 and performance enhancements and VLAN support.... read more

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2006-08-14

1.0.7 posted

FYI, I've posted etherdrivers 1.0.7. The main change here is that kstats for interrupts are exported, so that afe/mxfe are reported in the output from vmstat -i.

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2006-08-14

etherdrivers 1.0.6 released

I've just posted Solaris etherdrivers 1.0.6, which includes support for a few new devices.

This is now delivered as non-debug binaries, since they seem to be robust enough that debug builds are overkill. This may help performance slightly.

Also, please note that these drivers *do* work with OpenSolaris, and apparently even cardbus devices on OpenSolaris work.

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2006-05-26

1.0.5 released

1.0.5 is released. This version includes official AMD64 support -- tested! -- and various documentation updates. Also, the long standing hang is hopefully fixed, but I need someone who encounters this problem to test it for me.

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2005-12-05

Release 1.0.4 etherdrivers posted

Primarily, this release adds support for Solaris 10 and AMD64 systems.

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2005-11-05

Release 1.0.3 posted.

This release contains a rewritten link detection logic in the mxfe driver, and includes support for using ndd to configure link parameters for mxfe. (afe got it in 1.0.2.) It also includes a fix in the fiber detection logic for afe.

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2004-08-31

Solaris ethernet drivers now on SourceForge!

The Solaris Ethernet Driver collection (from Garrett D'Amore) is now hosted on SourceForge!

Posted by Garrett D'Amore 2004-08-25

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