#5 screen goes black after lunch of program

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upgrading to 1.07 (from 1.06), screen goes black after lunch of program. ctr/alt/delete, shutting down the program brings my explorer back. any tips? running windows xp


  • Vlad Kobzar

    Vlad Kobzar - 2013-01-14

    Hi, What most likely is happening is that you have set the display screen
    to be "always on top". Try the following. when you launch softProjector,
    press Alt+Tab to switch between programs. You should be able to get to
    softProjector program.

    Also, does your computer have dual display? If so, does the display go
    black on both screens?

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  • Alex Vronskiy

    Alex Vronskiy - 2013-01-18

    We were having the same issue during the same upgrade but on Win7. The fix for us was to launch the program as administrator (right click on the shortcut and click on "Run as Administrator", click "Yes" when prompted). I'm not sure why this happens, but that's how we were able to get around this issue. It might be a permissions issue of something.

    Also, when this would happen, the settings wouldn't stick (nor would any of the DB content).

  • Vlad Kobzar

    Vlad Kobzar - 2014-03-27
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