Markus Noisternig Piotr Majdak Hagen Wierstorf Wolfgang Hrauda

Welcome to the SOFA Wiki page!

The goal of this project is to create a new format being able to handle HRTF data. The format is intended to be easily extendable, highly portable, and actually the greatest common divider of all publicly available HRTF databases at the moment of writing.
The format should not only be able to describe simple HRTF measurements, but also to include measurements of something fancy like BRIRs with a 64-channel mic-array in a multi-source excitation situation or directivity measurement of a loudspeaker.

At the moment, a proceedings with specifications (as of version 0.1) are provided (check the download section). These specifications will be presented and discussed at the 134th AES convention in Rome.

SOFA forms the basis for the future Audio Engineering Society HRTF data exchange format. The standardization project AES-X212, initiated in October 2012, was approved by the subcommittee SC-02 and assigned to the working group SC-02-08 on Audio File Interchange.

Further information and resources can be found at http://sofacoustics.org and http://sofaconventions.org