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Pulling Source, and GPL

As of now, SoE will no longer continue to be a GPL program, which means no more Linux releases.

This decision will also mean that SoE will no longer be hosted on sourceforge, although the exact location of the new address is not known.

We WILL continue to make releases of SoE for the Win32 platform, but new versions will be few because the current development platform is Linux.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-13

Screenshot Pulled

I have pulled the screenshot from the project page due to copyright/naming issues. Expect a new version sometime soon anyways.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-07

0.2 Out.

You might think, wow, that was quick, but actually, SoE has been very activly been developed...Sorta.

In this version we've added support for .IT files, cutting the music files from 10mb to just 2-3MB. That's quite the slash.

So, enjoy the music. I will release a NEW datfile for this version tommorow. Enjoy!

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-04

SoE 1.3 Released

As of now, SoE will be mostly a *nix project. We will take a couple good builds and make them Win32, but for the most part, it's a Linux program. At the end, it will be ported. The gzip includes the source, so it can be easily compiled onto any platform. Also, we'ved moved to Allegro 4.11 (Unstable) branch for SoE.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-04-03

SoE Evolving, Second Release

As you might have been told, SoE is evolving slowly into a professional game. Check out the recent release and make a post accordingly on your finds in the bug tracker or in a reply to this thread.

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-03-25

SoE makes first release!

We are proud to show everybody the hard work so for, and a few hours of coding work. This version is much more polished then anything i've distributed so far. Please read the release notes, notably the changelog!

Posted by Cody Harris 2004-03-12

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