#13 Small patch to make postscript output include document size

Bug Fix (11)

Very small patch to fix this bug:

The patch adds the correct %%BoundingBox to the output
postscript. I don't have the necessary development
libraries installed, but know enough C to submit this
with the hope it will compile and work fine. The patch
was made against the latest 0.32 tarball on Sourforge.
Just use "patch -p0 ps.c < ps.patch".


  • Peter Harvey

    Peter Harvey - 2003-11-22

    Patch for src/modules/ps.c

  • Lauris Kaplinski

    Logged In: YES

    Although this works with gs/gv, it has problem. namely
    header %!PS-Adobe-2.0 should indicate, that the whole
    output conforms to Adobe DSC - what it currently does not.
    So I'll postpone this, until we find time to ensure, that
    all fields required by DSC are present.

  • Lauris Kaplinski

    • status: open --> open-postponed
  • Peter Harvey

    Peter Harvey - 2003-12-03

    Logged In: YES

    The minimum requirements for DSC seem to be that you specify
    filetype and a BoundingBox, so just outputting those at the
    start should be OK. I will look further into the spec for
    DSC (have it now for both PostScript and Encapsulated
    PostScript), and make a patch so that Sodipodi outputs as
    many of the DSC comments as possible. I also have a
    suspicion that the output of Sodipodi meets the requirements
    for EPS, and will look into that.

    There's a bug in the patch I submitted anyway (BoundingBox
    should have 4 numbers, not 2). Have downloaded source and
    development packages for Sodipodi so will try to develop the
    patch properly this time.


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