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Sodipodi 0.34 released

Sodipodi version 0.34 adds support for path composition operations (union, intersection and subtraction). XML handling has become better, with support of CDATA nodes, xml:space attribute and arbitrary namespaces. Freehand tool is now based on calligraphic line algorithm that should give better experience. Plus manu bugfixes, as usual.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2004-02-11

Sodipodi 0.33 released

Sodipodi is general vector illustrating application for Linux/Unix and Windows. It uses W3C SVG as native file and in-memory image format and can do many neat things. This release adds separate slideshow program, in-place support for complex input methods, 'repeat last action' method and various other enhancements and bugfixes. Windows builds can now be compiled with unicode charset support instead of multibyte.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2003-12-04

Sodipodi 0.32 released

This is first release over many months, thus incorporating numerous bugfixes. Most notably build system should now be much more reliable in picking up xft/fontconfig libraries, so hopefully 'missing fonts' problem is gone. In addition this release has better support of Gtk+ themes, new SVG icons, uses native dialogs are under KDE and Windows, has more reliable printing and many other little enhancements

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2003-06-20

Sodipodi 0.31 released

This is the second bugfix release after switching to Gtk+ 2.0. Most notably unecessary repainting of full screen instead of changed region is fixed, resulting in much better responsiveness. Other remarkable enhancement is dropper tool, capable of adjustable size, gaussian distributed source areas.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2003-02-22

Sodipodi 0.30 released

This is the first bugfix release of Sodipodi Gtk+ 2 port.Among other things, the ugly path corruption in node editing mode is
fixed. Also <clippath>, <mask>, <symbol> and <use> elements
are supported, as are viewports and aspect ratio in <svg>

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2003-02-07

Sodipodi 0.29 released

Sodipodi 0.29 is the first version based on Gtk+ 2.0 widget set and including limited support for Windows32 environment. The list of required libraries is much shorter than it was before, most notably both libgnome and libgnomeprint are not needed (although the latter can be used if present). It also support Xft
font database in addition to gnome-print and privately specified fonts. Being platform port, it (almost) does not add new user-visible functionality.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2003-01-29

Sodipodi 0.28 released

Sodipodi is general vector illustrating application for GNOME environment. It uses W3C SVG as native file and in-memory image format. The latest release of the free vector drawing program brings to you major rendering speedups, real font metrics for vertical text, new dynamic and improved XML editor, different gradient modes, patterned lines and more.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2002-11-25

Sodipodi 0.27 released

Sodipodi 0.27 has been released. Numerous bugfixes aside, it adds
radial gradients to fully supported feature list. Plus pattern paint
display, unicode input, stamping, faster texts and more. This is
still gnome 1.4 based and no new obligatory dependencies have
been added. From facultative dependencies you need latest autotrace and frontline, if you want inline tracing support.

Lauris Kaplinski

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2002-10-09

Sodipodi 0.26 released

A new bugfix release, cleaning up several rough corners of 0.25 has come out. Most importantly, generated SVG files have now correct DTD (and are thus viewable by Adobe SVG viewer), and Sodipodi works again on locales, using ',' as decimal separator.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2002-09-22

Sodipodi 0.24.1

Minor update to last release is out. It should fix most annoying problems, like sodipodi not reading gradients saved by itself, and Adobe SVG viewer not displaying sodipodi files.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2001-10-05

Sodipodi 0.24

Sodipodi 0.24 has been released. This is experimental release, so bugfix/new bug ratio may be quite bad.
Most noteworthy new features include gradients, emergency backups, nicer handles, better drawing code and more dynamic ui implementation.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2001-10-01

Release 0.23

Sodipodi 0.23 is released. New features include:
- Improved internal object structure
- Global opacity of items, including bitmaps
- Better bitmap display quality
- Objects can be done insensitive selectively
- Bugfixes

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2001-05-18

First clipart release

Just put together all the mangas on sodipodi homepage

Posted by Lemmit Kaplinski 2001-04-05


Sodipodi 0.22 is released

This will hopefully be the base release for gnome 1.4 platform.

What's new:

- More demo artwork (me, Lemmit)
- More keyboard navigation (Frank, me)
- Improved visual node editing (me)
- Ask, if closing changed file (me)
- Bugfixes... (everyone)

Lauris Kaplinski

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2001-03-09

Release 0.20

Sodipodi 0.20 "This is not AI" is released. It is main prerelease before Gnome 1.4 and includes countless improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by Lauris Kaplinski 2000-10-09