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#52 a way to apply transformations to several objects separately

bulia byak

The "Transform selection" dialog should have a checkbox
to apply the changes to each selected object
separately. If more than one object selected AND this
checkbox is on, the changes should apply to each of the
objects on its own and not to all of them as a group.
This checkbox is grayed when only one object is
selected. More specifically:

- No changes on the Move tab because "relative move"
does the same (move vector is the same whether you
apply it separately or not).

- A checkbox named "Scale separately" on the Scale tab:
when it is checked, the "Percents" value (BTW it should
read "Per cent") resets to a value of 100% as now, but
all other units reset to zero and when modified
represent not the new size but decrease/increase in
size applied separately to each object. That is, with
"scale separately" unchecked, a value of 1cm means "se
the size of selection to 1cm" but with "scale
separately" checked it means "increase the size of each
selected object by 1cm".

- A checkbox named "Rotate separately" on the Rotate
tab: the value always resets to zero but with this
checkbox, each object is rotated around its own center.

If this is implemented, another cool feature that can
be added to this dialog is "Random" checkbox and
"Randomize" button. With this checkbox on, each object
is moved/scaled/rotated by a random value between zero
and the specified value. The Randomize button produces
a different set of random values.


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