#150 Editing stack/non-destructive edit ability


An editing stack would rock! - ie all oparations that you
do on an object are put on a stack/list in the order they
were done and you can go back and tweek/add/remove a
past oparation and have the result filter through the

for example lets say you have 2 sqaures and you skeew
one, then rotate it, then overlap it with the other and
apply a boolean difference to them, then you decide you
dont like the way you skeewed the first sqaure, with a
stack you could go back to the point where you skeewed
the sqaure and change it or not skeew it, then you apply
the stack and the sqare is rotated and moved and
differenced again - this would make tweeking things very
easy (i think the method is used in 3D Studio Max) and
commercial programs such as illustrator dont have this
feature AFAIK. It might make a performance loss but it
could be controllable - eg limited stack size, and only
re-apply the stack when you click something etc..


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