Can't install Sodiprodi

  • Diana Kennedy

    Diana Kennedy - 2008-03-07

    I hve WinXP. After downloading, when clicking on the installer, it says that there is a library missing andI should download it at a URL. When going to this URL, there is nothing related to that.

    • Mark Gibbens

      Mark Gibbens - 2008-03-07

      Just a guess (I use Linux) - do you need the GTK library installed to run SodiPodi on Windows?  If so, perhaps you need the GTK+ 2.10.13 download from here:

      Personally, I'd try to use Inkscape if you can.  It's in active development, and rocks.  I always struggled with SodiPodi back in my Windows days, and it doesn't seem to have moved on much in 3 years.

      • Diana Kennedy

        Diana Kennedy - 2008-03-07

        Yes, it was GTK Library it requested.

        Ok, I will try out Inkscape. Thnak you for the advice!


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