About Property of element - sensibility ?

  • Patricia FIDI

    Patricia FIDI - 2004-02-19

    First : right click on an obect then choose "Property element"...

    If I choose to unselect the box "sensible" (in French) or maybe "sensibility" in English, I won't be able to make it "sensible" later...

    Is there a way to do it instead of undo by Ctrl+Z ?

    • Lauris Kaplinski

      There is not any very nice way, but the options are:
      1. Use rubberband (box) to select that item. If there are more items inside that region, you can use Shift+Click to remove selection from unneeded ones
      2. Use TAB (Shift+TAB) to cycle selection to item
      3. Use XML editor to select item
      4. Use XML editor and remove attribute 'sodipodi:insensitive'

      And do not close 'item proprties' dialog - if you want to use it to toggle sensitivity on again.



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