thetinytom - 2004-06-11

Hi, Lauris,

this is Tom from Germany. I am really a great fan of Sodipodi, and want to work with it in the future for doin graphics for me and friends. I am running it with Mandrake Linux 10 Official. I am a Linux-Newbie, but do work with Computers since 1988.

Actually I have a problem: Sodipodi was running after first install, then I tried to install Adobe Type1-Fonts, but this did not worked, the fonts were from a Corel-Draw-CD, and were not accepted by my Linux. Since this, Sodipodi crashes, when I try to add any kind of text into a blank page.

Whats my mistake? What can I do to solve this? I deleted the Type1-fonts, and I deleted Sodipodi and installed it again, but this all did not helped.

I would really appreciate any hint.
Greetings from Germany,
Tom the Tiny