Fedora Core 1, x86_64, Segmentation Fault :-(

  • Lars G. Knudsen

    Lars G. Knudsen - 2004-03-22


    I tried two approaches:

    1. rpmbuild from src.rpm
    2. install the CVS.amd64 rpm

    both resulted in a "Segmentation Fault" as the only result from running "sodipodi".

    Any suggestions? ...



    • Lars G. Knudsen

      Lars G. Knudsen - 2004-03-23

      Hi again,

      (using tar.gz 0.34)

      Compiling from tar.gz source and installing in my local home dir seemed to make it work - if I make it install in a default location it crashes (/usr/local) ... strange... permissions should be alright... I mean other programs don't crash :-s

      It might be related to the fact that fedora core 1, 64bit has 64bit libs in /usr/lib64? (I have no clue - but will investigate :-) )

      Another problem is still there though:

      all the non-system icons are garbled :-s... total random patterns... but maybe this is related to installing it in $HOME/tryout ?

      just sharing my x64_64 experiences with you :D


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