GEMY Cedric - 2003-10-22

When thinking about the SUM, I've seen those things that I give you just like this :

- icons in the toolbox open windows (in fact dialogs which are already stored in a specific menu) and others don't. Is it good. Is there a reason I don't find ?
- Do you think it would be interesting to make a dialog in which personnalized colors could be saved to be reused ?
- We can edit XML code of our image, and add tags that are not rendered in actual SOdipodi's release. Would it be good to use a menu like "preview in ..." calling an external viewer as batik can do ?
- Adobe has "given" little DOM scripts and many people have created others that are freely available. Should it be possible to have a window to attribute a snippet to an object by selecting it in a list (I'm thinking of non programmers user of Sodipodi).

These are just ideas, I'll try to look at the Sodipodi Code file to see if I can help in this way too. But I have never used Glade, nor C language.

friendly cdric.