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SocNetV v2.2 released

We are pleased to announce that a new version of your favorite social network analysis and visualization software application has been released. SocNetV version 2.2, codenamed "beyond", brings many new features, supports more social network analysis methods (i.e. eigenvector centrality, hierarchical cluster analysis) and it is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Visit to get it!

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2017-01-21 Labels: social network analysis sna social networks

SocNetV v2.1 released

The Social Network Visualizer (SocNetV) project is happy to announce a brand new version of our favorite social network analysis and visualization software application. SocNetV version 2.1 has the quite eloquent codename "fixer", because it brings lots of bugfixes. It also has a new algorithm for d-regular random network generation and a nice new dialog to control it. As always, installation packages and executables are available to download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux from the project's Downloads page. Read the full release notes and see some screenshots.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2016-09-29 Labels: social network analysis visualization graphs v2.1

SocNetV v2.0 released!

The Social Network Visualizer project has released a brand new version of the Social Network Analysis application which brings major code overhaul, new GUI layout, significant performance improvements, Windows 10 compatibility and lots of bugfixes.

SocNetV v2.0 brings stability, great boost in memory consumption and nice new features for easier social network analysis, such as separate modes for graphs and digraphs, permanent settings/preferences functionality, edge labeling, recent files list, keyboard shortcuts, help messages etc. Also there are improvements in Force-Directed layouts, i.e. Fructherman-Reingold and opening/load times.... read more

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2016-09-13 Labels: 2.0

SocNetV v1.9 released

The Social Network Visualizer project has just released version 1.9, which fixes many important bugs and brings a faster matrix inverse routine.

The matrix inverse algorithm is now using LU decomposition which greatly improves the computation speed. This improvement also affects Information Centrality algorithm which runs now in 1/10 of the time needed in earlier SocNetV versions.

Also, version 1.9 brings a revamped PageRank Prestige algorithm. Up to 1.8 the PageRank algorithm was using the original Page&Brin formula which lead to different results. From this version, SocNetV uses the correct formula and computes comparable results. Also, the initial PR score of each node is now 1/N.... read more

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2015-06-23 Labels: 1.9

SocNetV v1.8 released

The Social Network Visualizer project released version 1.8 with the following new features:
- New clique census routine to compute maximal cliques with up to 4 vertices.
- New Scale-free random generation methods. Improved Erdos-Renyi generation to include G(n,M) model.
- New improved dialogs for easy random network generation (Scale-free, Erdos-Renyi, and Small-World)

See a detailed feature tour here: read more

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2015-06-05

SocNetV v1.7 released

SocNetV version 1.7 has been released with lots of new stuff and bug fixes.

See a new features tour here:

See changelog here:

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2015-05-20

SocNetV version 1.5 released!

A new version of SocNetV has just been released! Version 1.5 brings standardization, many bugfixes and nice new features (see below). Packages for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux are available from the Downloads page (

Notable among the new features are:

  • Prominence Scores on Valued Networks:
    A new SSSP-solver algorithm has been implemented (Dijkstra) which allows SocNetV to compute prominence indices on weighted networks. When the graph edges are weighted, the application asks the user if it should consider weights in computations. Also, it asks the user if weights should be inverted or not. This question is crucial since edge weights can have different meanings. For instance they can denote cost or votes. If they denote cost, then the geodesics should be those paths with minimum value. But, if the weights denote votes, then the geodesics could be those path with maximum value. In the latter case, the user should choose to invert weights so that Dijkstra compute the desired paths and distances.... read more
Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2014-10-10 Labels: v1.5

SocNetV version 1.4 released!

Today is a fine day to release another SocNetV update. Version 1.4 brings consistency to the application since it fixes many long standing bugs (i.e. #514264 and #713617) while ups its capabilities with new features.

For instance a new feature is that SocNetV may now layout the social network so that node sizes reflect a selected prominence index score of each node. And this can be done for every index that SocNetV calculates: Degree, Closeness, Influence Range Closeness, Betweeness, PageRank, Proximity, Eccentricity, Power, etc.... read more

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2014-09-01 Labels: social networks social network analysis

SocNetV version 1.3 released!

A new version of Social Networks Visualizer is available. SocNetV v1.3 brings new and important features as well as bugfixes and optimizations.

New feature: Multirelational networks
Starting from version 1.3, SocNetV supports multiple relations, that is networks with ties of different kind between actors.

The first time a link is created in a network, SocNetV asks the user to name (or label) the new relation between actors/nodes. ... read more

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2014-08-27 Labels: v1.3

SocNetV version 1.1 released!

A new version of SocNetV is available.
It fixes major bugs found in version 1.0.

- fixed circular guides boundingRect
- fixed weighted graphs inDegree and outDegree centralization calculation
- fixed bug in createDistanceMatrix for Closeness centrality min and max index
- fixed bug in createDistanceMatrix for standard and group Graph and Closeness Centrality calculation
- Changed default arrowSize and colors
- Added dataset: Knocke_Bureacracies_Information_Exchange_Network in pajek format
- nicer createAdjacencyMatrix in Graph to let spaces between weights.
- nicer printout of distance and sigmas matrix
- Changed minimum size of scene and graphicswidget to remove scrollbars
- Enabled SmoothPixmapTransform qpainter render hint by default
- Removed obsolete optimization flag from graphicsview
- Splited createDistanceMatrix in createDistanceMatrix and createNumberOfGeodesics
- Updated manual for NumberOfGeodesicsMatrix option
- Removed unused variable warnings in createDistanceMatrix

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2014-08-01

Version 1.0 released!

After quite some time, a new release of SocNetV. Please welcome, version 1.0.

This is our first ever release based on Qt5 toolkit, and it will be the first ever 1.x version of the project!

SocNetV version 0.90 was the final Qt4 version.

From now on, development will continue only in 1.x series and Qt5. So, if you want to follow SocNetV in the future, it's time to install Qt5 on your computer! Also, source code and version control management have been moved to Git (on SourceForge).... read more

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2014-02-27 Labels: 1.0

Version 0.90 released!

  • New feature: Power Centrality calculation
  • New feature: Information Centrality (Stephenson & Zelen) calculation
  • New feature: radial layout according to Power and Information centralities
  • New feature: filter (enable/disable) orphan nodes
  • New feature: import two-mode affiliation networks (in sociomatrix format)
  • New, faster container for GraphicsWidget Nodes based on QHash
  • More automagically recreated known data sets
  • Allow really large networks to be loaded without crashing. Still too slowly though.
  • Nodes are selectable (but not yet editable) in groups
  • Fixed bug #518219: Certain Pajek files might crash SocNetV
  • Fided bug #515756: Ctrl+F after a node removal may crash SocNetV
  • Fixed bug #515758: Random layout crashes SocNetV, if a node is removed
  • Updated user manual to new version features.
  • Removed counts of outLinkedNodes, inLinkedNodes and reciprocalLinkedNodes because they were causing too much overhead when loading large networks. The relevant LCDs were also dropped from the UI.
Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2010-10-13

Version 0.70

New version 0.70 brings the first implementation of a web crawler in SocNetV. This is still immature code, but mostly works :)
Also, this version fixes a couple of serious bugs in previous version and returns to 0.xx version scheme (Debian and Gentoo didn't like the 0.x.x versioning :)

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-06-28

Version 0.6.0

New SocNetV version 0.6.0 brings a whole lot of changes. Highlights: full GraphML support (GraphML is now the default read/write network format) and edge filtering. Check it out.
Linux users: binary packages will be ready later. Try the source code. Windows users: download the .zip file with executables inside.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-05-27

DEBs for SocNetV version 0.51

By popular demand, we packaged SocNetV v0.51 for Debian and Ubuntu. You can download and install a 32bit package asap.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-02-20

RPMs for SocNetV version 0.51

RPM packages for Fedora 10 and openSUSE 11.1 are now provided by the SocNetV project.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-02-16

Version 0.51 (Bug fix)

Fixed serious bug in DistanceMatrix method, affecting centralities and layout.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-02-15

Version 0.50

SocNetV is half-way to become stable! This new release brings small world creation, clustering coefficient calculation, PDF exporting, printing and more!

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-02-13

Version 0.49

-Weight numbers can be displayed over links.
-DL network format initial support.
-Floating point edge weights are now supported...
-Bug fixes

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2009-01-13

Version 0.48

SocNetV v.0.48 brings a lot of improvements:

--Erdos-Renyi random network creation.
--Removing symmetric edges, now asks what direction to remove.
--New layout method: node sizes according to their indegrees.
--No node limit. Load any network you want (make a coffee while waiting :)).
--loadPajek() recognizes Arcslists and Matrix edges formats.
--Edges are being drawed once (faster loading and node movement).
--Graph API simplification and "standardization"
--New LCD widget displaying network density and some improvements to the dock.
--In-file declared node colors and shapes are used as they should.
--Fixed bugs in removeNode methods.
--Lots of bugfixes in loadPajek() method.
--Documentation update
--Progress Bars (F10) appear when creating random nets > 300 nodes.
--RPM repository for openSUSE at
--SocNetV has a new, modern logo. It still resembles a snail though. ;)

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2008-10-05

Updated Documentation

New online documentation is available at:

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2008-08-27

Version 0.45

New features:
- Initial support for GraphML files.
- New man page and updated online documentation.
- HtmlViewer renders online help with the help of QtWebKit. So QtWebKit module is a new dependancy; in openSUSE, for instance. you need libQtWebKit-devel to compile SocNetV.
- New widget for network rotation.
- New widgets for zooming in toolbar.
- Nodes may have 4 different shapes: circles, diamonds, triangles, boxes and ellipses are supported.
- Cosmetic changes, i.e. new icons, new layout for the left dock.
- Code clean-up in MainWindows Class and Matrix: deleted obsolete members and functions such as nodeExists(), mousePosGW(), Dijkstra, etc.
- Bug-fixes on loading Pajek networks and layout algorithm.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2008-08-27

Package in Debian Experimental

Serafeim Zanikolas (serzan) made a deb package of SocNetV 0.44 and submitted it to Debian Experimental. You can install SocNetV simply by

sudo apt-get install -t experimental socnetv

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2008-08-27

Version 0.44

New features:
Ported to Qt4: Code rewritten almost from scratch.
Splitted MainWindow/GUI from algorithms via a new Graph Class.
Improved GUI with docks.
Network zooming via mouse wheel.
Spring Embedder: Dynamic network reallocation
Thread support.
Much faster calculation of distances and centralities (BFS/dijkstra).
Betweeness centrality now is much more efficiently calculated.
Changed license to GPL3
Layout in circles and levels by centrality.
Better graphics and antialiasing (disabled - enable by pressing F8).
New centrality index: Eccentricity.

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2008-05-01

Revamped homepage!

Changed the layout of SocNetV's homepage:

Hope you like it!

Posted by Dimitris Kalamaras 2007-01-07

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