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srelay"e" is a libevent backed srelay - hello 1, 2, 3, ... testing :-p

If you know libevent (, you may be interested in multi-threading event driven type network server.
I've just re-worked srelay as one of such app.

Posted by Tomo M 2015-05-19


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Posted by Tomo M 2010-10-21

Now 0.4.8-beta testing

0.4.8-beta has been testing.
(0.4.7p4 may have compile error on Linux platform, please try 0.4.8 series instead.)
worked mainly on socks UDP assoc.

Posted by Tomo M 2010-10-20

srelay 0.4.6 released

The SOCKS Proxy Server - srelay -
version 0.4.6 has been released.
renew Solaris 2.6/8 support,
littlebit refine IPv6 support.

Posted by Tomo M 2003-04-14

srelay 0.4.5 released

My SOCKS Proxy Server - srelay - now startig support
IPv6 addresses.
You may construct a GateWay between IPv4 world and IPv6.

0.4.5 is the first release of this feature, so,
- it's in alpha to beta quality.
- OS support is FreeBSD and RedHat Linux/386 for now.
- SOCKS-BIND function is incomplete in IPv6.
- needs more testing.

= NOTE =
I found something ...
It is side-effect of IPv6 supporting functions such as,
getaddrinfo(), IPv6 addresses can be treated as just a
string and the SOCKS server accepts it as if it were
domain name string. If your clients are clever enough
NOT to recognize IPv6 addresses, you may have chance
to passsing IPv6 addresses to the server.

Posted by Tomo M 2003-03-28

srelay 0.4.0 released.

Projects newly released file is available at
SOCKS Proxy Server - srelay - is now
running under Linux environment.
The initial porting has done.

Posted by Tomo M 2003-01-06

srelay 0.3.3 released

The socks-relay's newly release - srelay 0.3.3 - is
available now.
for more details.

Posted by Tomo M 2003-01-02

srelay 0.3.2 released

srelay 0.3.2 released.
This release is bugfix.

Posted by Tomo M 2002-12-06

srelay-0.3.1 released

srelay-0.3.1 is released.
Project's newly released file is available at

Posted by Tomo M 2002-08-16

srelay 0.3 released

socks-relay project's new release,
srelay 0.3 is now available.

Posted by Tomo M 2002-06-17

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