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The logo is here

The typeface of the logo is “Timeless”, and it’s designed by Manfred Klein.

He’s a great designer. Check out his website here:

Posted by Alexander Teinum 2009-03-07

The first release, a pre-alpha, is out!

Thank you for reading this! If you're an interested developer—let me present a rough draft of the project’s goals.

• SIF is a Silverlight framework, and it's not a goal – at least for now, to support other platforms.
• The framework should function on common versions of all of three major platforms. Windows, OS X and Linux.
• The KISS principle is followed, and has to be taken in consideration for every decision made.
• It's a goal to keep the framework lightweight. It might be used for games and applications on mobile platforms.... read more

Posted by Alexander Teinum 2009-03-07