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TOS&TOSMS 1.6.5 released

This release uses Java 1.5 default ocean look and feel. It runs well on both Windows and Linux.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-06-17

TOS&TOSMS 1.6.3 released

1, Much improved AI.

2, a new AI competition mode, which provides a simple way of letting two different AI teams to compete in a match.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-06-05

TOSMS 1.6.2 released

TOSMS ver 1.6.2

* improved 2D GUI rendering.
* improved AI, intelligent dribbling, less "out of field" kicks, more skillful throw-ins and corner kicks.

download it at

view the on-line replay at

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-06-04

TOS 1.6.1 release

This release integrates all the improvements from TOSMS1.6.0, and it's human playable. read README to find out how to control a player in TOS.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-06-01

TOSMS 1.6.0 released

1, improved the replay function, now it reads/writes from a zipped game file.
2, added match replay applet viewer.

You can view a demo game replay right here at

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-05-26

The first TOS Management Simulation Engine released

The first TOS Management Simulation Engine TOSMS v1.5.5 is released. This is still an experimental release. It's not ready for production use yet.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-05-23

TOS Education ver 1.5.4 released

bug fixes.
1, increased collision avoid parameter
2, two teams can have different number of players

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-04-25

TOS Education ver 1.5.3 released

1, Fixed the positioning bug in 3D.

2, moved player number skin from the front to the back in 3D.

3, cosmetic fix in the SFU team ( introduced some randomness in the player decision making about the ball possession. Now players do not turn simultaneously in both teams once the ball possession is changed.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-03-11

TOS Education Ver 1.5.2 released

1, Fixed the bug that caused the player to turn abnormally in 3D.

2, Added play number skin to players in 3D.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-03-08

Tao of soccer Education Edition ver 1.5.1d released on Sourc

bug fix release

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-03-02

TOS Education Edition ver1.5.1c released

This education edition is developed by SFU prof. Vadim Kyrylov. It is to be used in his computer simulation and AI courses. Pretty soon a non-educational edition with most of the new features will be ready as well.

Here is the list of changes since 1.4.2

1. New features.

1.0. Ball dribbling.
Field players must dribble ball while keeping it under close control by using slow kicks. In the previous versions, close dribbling occured
automatically, as part of player movement. ... read more

Posted by Yu Zhang 2006-02-19

What's the next for TOS? Soccer management simulator

During the last few days on the mailing list, we've had very interesting discussions about developing TOS to a match simulator for soccer management games.

Vincenzo is going to make a list of changes to TOS, so he can use it in his soccer management game.

It's a great idea! TOS is simple, small, pure java, it can be run as an applet in a browser. Considering most of the soccer management games run on web, this is a perfect fit.... read more

Posted by Yu Zhang 2005-03-23

TOS 1.4.2 released

This release has a new stand alone view client that gathers game statistics and some other changes based on Prof. kyrylov's wishes.

TOS ver 1.4.2

* players positions and the ball positions are fixed on the scooer
field during the PRE_GAME and HALF_TIME period.
* the color of the soccer ball is now purple in Java 3D.
* server command line switch port, log and offside are removed and
added into the property file.
* AI team programs read parameters from a property file instead of
getting them from from command-line options
* a client can send any number of connect packet to the server,
the server will always return an init packet, if the client is
already connected, the server will send its original init packet
* a simple viewer client that gathers
statistics, include the total time the ball stays in each side and
the total kicks by each team.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2005-03-13

TOS1.4.1 released

TOS1.4.1 is a bug fix release. Main changes are:
* fixed deadlock bugs.
* reimplemented some synchronization code by using read-write locks.
* reimplemented the game recording(logging) on the server side.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2004-12-31

TOS 1.4.0 released

After one year's inactivity, The Tao of Soccer is reborn and better than ever before.

TOS1.4.0 is almost totally changed both inside and outside. Download it and give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2004-12-09

TOS 1.2.2 released

bug fixes in server console, thread dead locks, etc. Also changed some default parameters, so that players have no movement noise, and they can send commands every simulation step.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2003-11-26

New version of TOS 1.2.1

There is new version of TOS. This is mainly bug fixes release, but at the same time the work on the next version has started.
Any comments and suggestion regarding this and next version is welcome!

Posted by Krzysztof Langner 2003-09-04

TOS is still alive!

After almost a year's inactivity, now it is under development again. The major change is done for the networking part. Velocity and acceleration are sent to clients to improve internet performance. Keep checking...

Posted by Yu Zhang 2002-10-15

Java TOS 1.2.0 released

Java TOS 1.2.0 is released, which includes a nice Java 3D replay feature.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2001-09-20

JAVA TOS 1.1.1 released

Fixed the bug which causes the TOS can only access log files within the same directory where soccer.jar is.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2001-06-22

Java TOS 1.1.0 released

Fixed the offside bug.
Added Record and Replay functions.

Posted by Yu Zhang 2001-06-19

JAVA TOS 1.0.0 released

JAVA TOS 1.0.0 is released today. It includes a fix for the bug in client GUI which caused the slow ball-chasing.

It also introduces a new parameter called "reaction inertia"(default to 3) in the server. It means a client can not react at each simulation step. It only needs send a physical command(drive or kick) every 3 simulation steps. There are several reasons for this new parameter:... read more

Posted by Yu Zhang 2001-06-01


The Tao of Soccer is GPL! Any help is welcome!

Posted by Yu Zhang 2001-05-17

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