Works well with Thunderbird

  • carrerag

    carrerag - 2007-12-01

    I finally got this working with Thunderbird  The version info in install.rdf had to be bumped.  And SpamD took a little coaxing. In my situation needing a "-i" switch (without an IP so it would bind to all addresses) and using the -A switch to allow connections from different IP ranges.  Seems to work well, so I wanted to say thanks for writing this.

    My other reason for stopping in was to make a small feature request.  Perhaps there could be an option added to either 1. Keep, 2. Delete to Trash, or 3. Delete permanently, the message.  This would probably only be useful on the "Learn As Spam" option, but it would save a few clicks of the mouse for sure.

    Thanks again!

    • Will Duff

      Will Duff - 2007-12-10

      Thanks for the tips carrerag.  As for the feature, urandom just submitted some code today that adds an additional option to delete messages reported as spam.  Also, he fixed the version info in install.rdf, but thanks for pointing that out.  Try out version 1.1!

    • carrerag

      carrerag - 2007-12-20

      Thanks for the update, and thanks to urandom for the enhancement.  Works great!


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