so how does this work?

  • RavanH

    RavanH - 2006-12-01


    On my remotely hosted virtual server, SpamAssassin is trying to keep my mailboxes clean. Lately, SA is not realy succeeding in this task. Spammers are getting cleverer by the minute and my mail is getting swamped. The biggest threat to internet, I think.

    Up to now, I sometimes took the time to log into my virual server (Linux, Apache with Plesk 8) and go on to train SA on all the new spam that got through into my local inbox in Outlook (with 'leave a copy for .. days on the server' activated). But this is getting too much work, these days.

    So what I am looking for is some tool that lets me mark spam as such and to train SA, right in my e-mail client MS Outlook. So that SA on my remote virtual server will be doing a better job. It seemed to me that SA Coach is developed for exactly this but if I'm wrong please tell me!

    But how do I set this up? After installing both the .NET framework 1.1 and SpamAssassin Coach for Outlook, I see a new button 'SpamAssassin Coach' in the standard toolbar. If I select a spam message and choose 'Learn as Spam', nothing seems to happen. I suppose I need to configure SACoach before it can report spam?

    Under 'Options' I see

    Port: 783

    What host? I have no local but a remote SA database...  And what port? What username?

    Is there any documentation yet? If not, maybe I could fix some docs from a noob-perspective but I need to know how this works first!


    • Will Duff

      Will Duff - 2006-12-28

      Sorry it's confusing for you.  I realize now that I didn't explain enough about how exactly SpamAssassin Coach works.  This plugin basically automates the task of sending TELL commands to a spamd server using the spamd protocol.  The hostname and port referred to above are supposed to point to where the spamd server is running.  The username field is optional.

      Note that the spamd server must be run with the -l (alternatively, --allow-tell) option.  In your case, spamd would also have to be configured with the -A host (alternatively, --allow-ips=host) option to accept TELL commands from your IP address, assuming spamd is run on the remote server.

      More info:

      spamd options -
      spamd protocol -

  • KitchM

    KitchM - 2011-10-04

    Without documentation this will not go far.  Too many questions are left unanswered.  Basic questions.

    Such as, "How does the program know which account goes to which server?".


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