spamassassin setup to use the plugin(s)

Sam Snow
  • Sam Snow

    Sam Snow - 2006-09-21

    Note that in order for spamd to accecpt input from these two plugins, it must be running with the "-l, --allow-tell" switch.

    The description of what this does is below (from ).

    "-l, --allow-tell
    Allow learning and forgetting (to a local Bayes database), reporting and revoking (to a remote database) by spamd. The client issues a TELL command to tell what type of message is being processed and whether local (learn/forget) or remote (report/revoke) databases should be updated.
    Note that spamd always trusts the username passed in (unless --auth-ident is used) so clients could maliciously learn messages for other users. (This is not ususally a concern with an SQL Bayes store as users will typically have read-write access directly to the database, and can also use sa-learn with the -u option to achieve the same result.)"

    In addition your probably need to set up the "-A host,..., --allowed-ips=host,..." option:

    "-A host,..., --allowed-ips=host,...
    Specify a list of authorized hosts or networks which can connect to this spamd instance. Single IP addresses can be given, ranges of IP addresses in address/masklength CIDR format, or ranges of IP addresses by listing 3 or less octets with a trailing dot. Hostnames are not supported, only IP addresses. This option can be specified multiple times, or can take a list of addresses separated by commas. Examples:
    -A -- only allow connections from
    -A, -- only allow connections from and
    -A 10.200.300.0/24 -- allow connections from any machine in the range 10.200.300.*.
    -A 10. -- allow connections from any machine in the range 10.*.*.*.
    By default, connections are only accepted from localhost []."

    I have not yet figured out how to tell if SA has actually received and learned the message.

    • Jeff Rickard

      Jeff Rickard - 2006-11-02

      So how do we know if it is working?  Should there be some output in the standard log?  I have tried both the outlook and thunderbird extensions and neither produce any feedback.


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