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No "Learn as Spam"-Button in TB

T. S,
  • T. S,

    T. S, - 2009-05-16

    hi there,

    just stumbled over SACoach. Great project! Thanks!

    But sadly in Thunderbird (20090302) [Win Vista SP1] there is no button "learn as spam" visible after installing the Addon.

    I just configured my SA on server side to allow tell and tunneled through (as it is blocked by FW). Checked with telnet that connection is working (while tailing logs). So that cannot be the reason for the missing icon (but most likely the visibiltity isn'tz based on a succesfull conection? just wanted to be sure...).

    So anybody any idea how to get that icon? Thanks in advance for any feedback/help/suggestions. :)


    • T. S,

      T. S, - 2009-05-16

      just realized that the last post was from 2008 nearly half a year ago. Is that project (or just the forum) dead?

    • T. S,

      T. S, - 2009-05-16

      if s/o googles this thread and has the same problem:

      View>Toolbars>Customize>Restore Default Set and the Button will appear.

      Anyway it did not work out of the box for me. Closing the output stream right after writing to it didn't work. At least with my server.
      I had to modify the source an introduce a break of ~5 seconds. Even if the transmission takes longer it works. Its just for waiting until it begins. Its a dirty hack but it works.

      That is what I did:

      Between writing to the stream and closing it I call Sleep(ms):
          var reportSize   = outputStream.write(outputData, outputData.length);

      I appended the function sleep()  at the end of the code:

      function sleep(ms) 

      var complete = new Date(); 
      complete.setTime(complete.getTime() + ms); 
      while (new Date().getTime() < complete.getTime()); 

      I wonder whether sombody every reads that.. ;)



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