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[About SObjectizer] and [SObjectizer FAQ] -- a common and high-level information about SObjectizer.

[Documentation] -- more detailed info like introduction to programming with SObjectizer, detailed explanation of samples, articles with in-depth information about SObjectizer abilities, features, working principles and so on. There are also descriptions of version-specific changes.

[Distrubution Model and Releases] -- description of how SObjectizer is distributed.

[Building SObjectizer] -- instructions for building SObjectizer by itself.

[Timer Thread Template] -- SObjectizer uses small library timertt for timers. This is a home of that library.

[Internals] -- information for SObjectizer developers.

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Wiki: About SObjectizer
Wiki: Building SObjectizer
Wiki: Distrubution Model and Releases
Wiki: Documentation
Wiki: Internals
Wiki: Timer Thread Template