Hi to all,

I'm new to SoapUI and i'm using the latest version (SoapUI 2.0) to test my WS application.

I followed the user guide section Test-Template-Driven (http://www.soapui.org/userguide/scenarios/templatedriven.html) and I've implemented this test case :

1. Groovy Step: load data from a properties file (data.properties) and set the values into a property step. then call the soap step
2. Soap Step : invoke the WS and get the response. In order to validate the result, I'm using some assertions such as XPath assertion.

It works well ! So you will ask me : what's it the problem if it works ?

The problem is : in my data.properties i put several "request param" in order to make a loop test as like as it's shown in the guide. If one of theses "requests" fails (XPath assertion fails), the TestCase continues with the next one and at the end the final result is "green" (that means that the test is successfully, doesn' it ?). The strange thing is that if I test "one by one", the test case stops on error. This behaviour is exactly I expected because I have checked the "TestCase Options : Abort on Error, Fail TestCase on Error"). But when i run the testcase two "requests" in the same loop, the assertion failure of the first one is ignored by the test runner.

Is it normal ? Please tell me where I'm wrong ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Best regards,


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