#252 Multi thread 'dataloop'


On the data loop step, there should be an option to multithread the processing of the data. This would allow for greater flexibility in testing large amounts of data (for stateless APIs) because processing a dataset that contains 1000s of rows wouldn't necessarily take much time to run. I think the data loop dialog box should have a 'thread' input that would control the max concurrent threads processing the rows of from the datasource.


  • Ole Lensmar

    Ole Lensmar - 2010-03-27


    wouldn't this be the same as running a LoadTest with a shared datasource as described at http://www.eviware.com/blogs/oleblog/?p=194 ?



  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I don't think it's the same but maybe I am missing it. The way we have our soapui tests setup now is to have a 2 test suites per application (functional tests & load tests). When we built our 'load tests' we put them in a separate suite because the goal of the functional vs load tests is distinct. We build load tests to mimic our production load profile but we build functional tests for coverage. And I'd love to speed up how long it takes the functional tests to run.

    To run the functional tests we execute the functional test suite. the test steps loop through all the data (but it takes awhile cause there is lots of data). I want to speed up the time that it takes to complete 1 run through the test steps.



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