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#248 Allow copying test cases or merge WADL generation


I've been constructing a REST application for the last few weeks. Every few days I make a change that results in a new WADL. Over time I've built up a set of tests in SoapUI that I create by importing the WADL. Each time I make a change to the WADL I have to reimport it again (typing in the entire URL each time), and that creates an entirely new set of test cases. After the import, I have all the existing test cases that I've filled in test data for, and I have the new test cases that I got from the WADL import. The interfaces created from the new WADL will be a superset of the ones from the old WADL import, but the new tests for the previously existing interfaces won't have any of the test data.

I would have liked some ability to "merge" a new WADL import with an existing test suite, so it will only create new tests if they don't exist. Failing that, it would be convenient if I could drag (copy) the tests I've already constructed into the newly imported test suite. There appears to be no way to do that. SoapUI lets me drag, but it doesn't let me drop.

As a result of this, if I want the newly imported test suite to have all of my test data, I have to manually create every single test case, copying the data manually from the older test cases. This is really a pain.