#23 Undo functionality


Well, I am using soapui a lot and I realize it would be
REALLY useful to have a undo option (ctrl+z) in any
editable text area (like groovy script editor, property
transfer and steps).

Sometimes I make a mistake (erase the wrong thing or
press the wrong key) and wast a lot of time remaking a
thing that would be solved with Undo functionality.

More suggestions next ;)


  • Niclas Reimertz

    Niclas Reimertz - 2006-07-25

    Logged In: YES


    i've missed this one, sorry :-(

    Ok, we'll look into adding undo and redo functionality in
    the editors. I know undomanager is part of swing, (eh,
    rather. I THINK so :-p ).

  • Niclas Reimertz

    Niclas Reimertz - 2006-07-26

    Logged In: YES

    Uhm, I shoulda looked before I reacted.

    There is undo and redo functionality

    ctl-z and ctl-y works in all editors i tested except one!
    Groovy Editor, Request Editor and more. All except the Top
    Xpath Area, which goes in as a bug :-)

    We do not however have support for redo and undo in the
    test suite runner amongst other thing, and we will have to
    think about that for a while. :-)

    Please report any place where you feel the functionality
    is essential Giovani, per favore, and well look into it
    right away!


  • Ole Lensmar

    Ole Lensmar - 2006-07-28

    Logged In: YES

    ok.. see associated bug-report.. fixed in next beta/snapshot


  • Ole Lensmar

    Ole Lensmar - 2006-08-10
    • status: open --> pending
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