#4 authentication credentials are cached

Ole Lensmar

when invoking a secured webservice the specified
credentials are cached internally by HttpClient. This
leads to problems if multiple requests to the same
endpoint are configured to use different credentials
(which are thus not used)..


  • Ole Lensmar

    Ole Lensmar - 2005-10-02
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  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    We have experienced this problem and have also found that NTLM Credentials in some cases are not passed (even when configured).

  • Ole Lensmar

    Ole Lensmar - 2007-03-28
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  • Ole Lensmar

    Ole Lensmar - 2007-03-28

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    ok.. which soapUI version are you experiencing this with?



  • Robin Douma

    Robin Douma - 2009-10-12

    The problem still exists in soapUI 2.5.1 and 3.0.1. The username and password seem to be cached. This is a very annonying bug when working with different services wich require different username/password combinations.

    Only when you wait for a certain time (the cached items seem to time-out after a few minutes) OR when stopping/restarting soapUI, the newly entered username and password become active.

  • Hitesh Nembhwani

    I'm still seeing this issue in SOAPUI 5.0.0 version. Is there a fix for this by changing preferences or anything similar?


  • Kim Kantola

    Kim Kantola - 2015-06-18

    I also see thsi behavior in SOAPUI 5.0.0. I have several projects. I just created a brand new REST project, added no Authorization to it, and yet as I step through my code I see username and password from past requests I had run during testing.


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