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[r419] (HEAD) (2.1 kB) by kutterma

merged back 0.71 branch into trunk

2013-04-21 16:59:31 View
[r218] (346 Bytes) by kutterma

- fixes [ 1604320 ] xsi:nil on part accessor in argless message
This needs discussion: The removal of the xsi:nil="true" attribute on an empty method may break document/literal and rpc/encoded webservices.

2008-03-24 09:01:27 View
[r214] (209 Bytes) by kutterma

- updated some use dependencies
- removed this code from SOAP::Serializer and added test

foreach my $this_ns (keys %{$self->{'_namespaces'}}) {
return $self->{'_namespaces'}->{$this_ns} if ($ns eq $this_ns);

I just don't understand why this isn't written as

return exists ($self->{'_namespaces'}->{$ns})
? $self->{'_namespaces'}->{$ns}
: ()

Fear of algorithm complexity attacks on hash keys? Why would one want to implement exists by iterating over the list of keys? I don't know, but now it should be a magnitude faster or so ;-)

2008-03-15 21:04:01 View