Commit Date  
[r419] (HEAD) (5.5 kB) by kutterma

merged back 0.71 branch into trunk

2013-04-21 16:59:31 View
[r257] (5.6 kB) by kutterma

- updated a few tests
- made SOAP::Serializer and SOAP::Deserializer die, so test now test whether our stuff uses the SOAP::Lite::* modules.

I think we should just move everything into the SOAP::Lite namespace, and provide wrappers for the old names (mostly in SOAP::Lite, and maybe intelligent ones - the wrappers could test whether there's something loaded there already, and only install themselves if not...

2008-06-06 17:50:41 View
[r208] (5.6 kB) by robbiebow

Added strict and syntax checking for lib/ and t/ directories. Modified files to pass these tests

2008-03-02 21:35:00 View
[r99] (5.6 kB) by kutterma

- skip tests failing for externa reasons

2007-10-15 22:05:36 View
[r89] (5.5 kB) by kutterma

- added more tests
- removed dead code from SOAP/

2007-10-07 17:11:12 View
[r38] (5.5 kB) by byrnereese

SOAP::Packager unit tests

2004-10-17 05:20:24 View

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