Ditto, good luck and thanks. :)

Scott Wiersdorf <scott@perlcode.org>
Sent by: soaplite-devel-bounces@lists.sourceforge.net

09/27/2007 10:31 AM

Re: [Soaplite-devel] SOAP::Lite maintenance

On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 02:15:20PM +0000, Martin Kutter wrote:

> I hereby offer to take over maintenance of the SOAP::Lite module.


I know Byrne's been swamped and has asked for help in the past. You've
got my vote (if it's needed). We should also praise Byrne for all the
good work he's done on SOAP::Lite. All of us using it now owe a great
deal to him. Thanks Byrne, and welcome Martin!

Scott Wiersdorf

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